Ajarn Donald’s Blog: A Weekend Of Cooking On English-Attack! Thailand

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The explosion, in recent years, of an interest in cooking across all types of national and regional cusines has been accompanied by a growing media interest in the subject, from magazines to television shows and now websites and smartphone applications dedicated to cooking. The trend has also generated its own global media superstars, many of them British, such as Keith Floyd, Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsay. 

Now, with a few clicks of your mouse or a swipe of your finger, you can have access to an almost limitless number of recipes, articles and tips on how to make any dish in the world. Of course, it helps if you can understand English, as most of this online material is not available in any other language. Thanks to English Attack! and this weekend’s free content, you will soon be able to plug in to this worldwide trend, perhaps by surprising your friends or family with one of the dishes presented in our Video Boosters.

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